May 28, 2016

Morgan & Matthew’s Engagement Session at Loose Park & Liberty Memorial

When I first met Morgan and Matthew at a local coffee shop, I knew they were going to be a fun couple to work with and I was excited to get to know them more.  They told me of their mutual love for sports and being active, their story of how they met at a junior high girls basketball game (Morgan’s dad was the coach and Matthew was the assistant coach), and about their wedding that is going to be filled with tons of family and friends and will incorporate sunflowers- their favorite flower.  And I thought how perfect it was that this happy couple would choose one of the most cheery flowers as the theme for the happiest day of their lives.
Morgan and Matthew are not only full of smiles, but also are smart and passionate about their jobs.  Morgan is a nurse, and Matthew is a civil engineer and says he could talk bridges all day long. With this sense of thoughtfulness and dedication to what they do, you can tell they’re just as committed to each other and their marriage ahead… which is so awesome to see.  Of course it’s always fun to work with couples like this because the outpouring of love for each other is so evident in their photos.
We began their engagement session at Loose Park and just as it started raining, we decided to head to Liberty Memorial to end out their session.  Thankfully, the rain didn’t last too long and, with the sun starting to set, captured some fun moments with the gorgeous Kansas City skyline in the background.  Enjoy this sneak peek!
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Thanks again Morgan and Matthew for choosing me to be your photographer!  I can’t wait for your wedding in October!!

Allie Coyle


Kansas City Photographer

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